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Being injured in a train accident isn’t as unlikely as it may seem—at Goldman & Associates law firm, our expert Michigan train accident attorneys have helped numerous residents of southeast Michigan overcome the struggles and stresses that often come along with such personal injury matters. Our Michigan train accident attorneys understand the pain and suffering that coincides with this type of case, and our goal is to always protect the rights of our every client. Allowing the Michigan train accident attorneys of Goldman & Associates to represent you in your legal matter will bring success, respect, and a prideful legal team to your case.

Train Accidents & The Law

At the law firm of Goldman & Associates, our Michigan train accident attorneys take pride in representing clients injured in train accidents involving cargo and passenger trains. Generally, the lawyers at our firm typically see cases involving negligent conductors which result in our attorneys filing suits for passengers. Below you will find a list of other areas relating to Michigan train accidents in which we are able to assist our clients with, including but not limited to:

What Causes Train Negligence?

One of the most common reasons for personal injury accidents relating to trains in Michigan stem from train negligence from one of the following:

If you’ve been a victim of a train accident in Michigan, you must prove negligence on another party before collecting any form of compensation from an insurance company or an amount awarded by the courts. Doing so requires the knowledge of a seasoned Michigan train accident attorney from Goldman & Associates, who will be able to assist you with ease throughout the entire process.

Reporting Train Negligence

Discussing your options and your personal injury with a knowledgeable Michigan train accident attorney is always the best option BEFORE contacting your insurance company. Often times, insurance companies won’t talk with you unless you have an expert attorney working with you on your case who can get the results you deserve.

Upon deciding to seek help with your Michigan train injury case, it is important to follow the steps listed below before speaking with anyone else about the specifics of your potential legal matter. A professional Michigan train accident lawyer from our law firm can assist clients in receiving compensation for their injury if the following is true:


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Seeking Compensation For Train Accident Injuries in Michigan

Because of the high cost of medical bills, our clients don’t only deserve monetary settlements for their pain and suffering, they need it to cover the amount of debt that has amassed from loss of income. For more than 25 years, the lawyers of Goldman & Associates have provided train accident legal services for the residents of Oakland County, Washtenaw County, Wayne County, and Macomb County—all the while producing outcomes and settlements that they desire. With a proven track record of success, a Michigan train accident lawyer from our law firm can assist you in collecting compensation for all of the following, including but not limited to:

How Can A Michigan Train Accident Lawyer Help?

A Michigan train accident attorney from Goldman & Associates will actively listen and assist you with your case every step of the way. Our law firm offers a free legal consultation to our every client in which a lawyer will review your potential legal matter with you at no charge.

At Goldman & Associates, our attorneys offer the following to our every client:


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To better understand the rights of you or your loved ones, it is in your best interest to take advantage of our free legal consultation and speak with a seasoned Michigan train accident attorney today. A legal professional at our firm will listen and review options that are in the best interest of your case. Call the Michigan train accident attorneys of Goldman & Associates today to begin working toward a solution.

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