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When it comes to handling your legal matter in regards to motorcycle accidents, our Michigan motorcycle attorneys understand the pain and suffering you aim to heal. At Goldman & Associates law firm, our every motorcycle accident lawyer works diligently to bring our clients cases to justice in an effective and timely manner. Our Michigan motorcycle attorneys will stop at nothing to ensure that the rights of our clients and our clients loved ones are always protected, respected, and carried out in the highest regard possible. Goldman & Associates law firm has one goal—to give you back a sense of what has been taken away through this difficult time in your life.

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The law firm of Goldman & Associates aims to provide accurate and precise legal information to our every client. With more than 25 years of experience in handling motorcycle accidents in Michigan, our motorcycle accident attorneys understand the necessity of offering affordable legal services to every potential client. In addition to providing cost effective solutions, our Michigan motorcycle accident attorneys will always treat you and your case with the utmost respect and security

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What is a Motorcycle Accident?

It is important to recognize that Michigan motorcycle victims are treated differently than car or truck victims. A motorcycle is not considered a motor vehicle in Michigan, according to the no-fault law. Although a motorcycle is not considered a motor vehicle under Michigan law, motorcycle accidents often involve other cars and trucks on the road. As a result, Michigan no-fault insurance benefits may be available to Michigan motorcycle accident victims. It is also important to remember that motorcyclists are still required by law to carry motorcycle insurance.

How To Safely React To A Michigan Motorcycle Accident

The Michigan personal injury lawyers of Goldman & Associates law firm wants you to be aware of the necessary protocol should you be involved in such an accident. Following the steps listed below will allow you to be put in a better position to collect your compensation by protecting your rights first and foremost. Below are steps that should always be followed if you are injured or a part of a motorcycle accident in Michigan.

Step 1: Escape Immediate Danger:

After a motorcycle accident, there is a possibility for fuel leaks and spills. These types of hazards may cause fires or other accidents. The first thing you need to do when involved in a motorcycle accident is move a safe distance away from any hazards. In addition look to make sure other people involved in the accident are also a safe distance away.

Step 2: Get Medical Attention:

If you are injured in a motorcycle crash you should get medical attention immediately. If you are in extreme medical distress, call 911 for medical assistance. You will be taken to an emergency room for prompt medical care. Head and chest injuries are among the primary causes of death in motorcycle accidents. You should undergo examination by doctors and obtain necessary diagnostic tests. These tests include X-rays and MRIs. It is extremely important to get help as soon as possible because injuries are likely severe.

Step 3: Report the Accident:

After the accident, you should call the police and report the motorcycle crash. This does not apply if you are taken away on an ambulance. A police report will document the facts of the wreck and will identify the parties involved. The police will also identify any witnesses. In many cases, a motorcycle accident is blamed on the rider of the bike, so it is very important that you protect yourself early on. In addition, it is important to listen carefully to what the other driver said about the motorcycle accident. Write down any admissions of fault at the scene and ask that the other driver repeats their statements to an investigating police officer.

Step 4: Contact a Reputable Attorney:

The last step you must take when involved in a motorcycle accident is to contact a reputable Michigan personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Because motorcycle accidents require extensive investigation, it is best to start the process early. This will also ensure that details are not forgotten and witnesses do not disappear. The attorneys at Goldman & Associates are very experienced in this area of law and provide high quality legal services to clients in the most effective manner. The attorneys will make sure your claim is handled properly and help you obtain the proper medical care that you need.

No-fault Insurance Law

Michigan law only allows one year to file a claim for no-fault benefits after a motorcycle accident. This is known as a first-party claim. Michigan law allows three years to file a lawsuit for pain and suffering and excess economic loss against a negligent driver who causes a motorcycle accident. This is referred to as a third-party or tort claim. A motorcycle victim may be entitled to medical expenses, mileage, wage loss, replacement services (chores, help with children), and attendant care (nursing services.)


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As with all things pertaining to the law, it is crucial to speak with a Michigan motorcycle accident attorney as soon as you realize the accident was not your fault and you’ve been injured or need medical attention. To ensure that your rights or the rights of your loved ones are protected, it is best to schedule your free legal consultation with a Michigan motorcycle accident attorney at Goldman & Associates as soon as possible.

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