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When you’re attacked by a dog or animal, the effects can be devastating. In Michigan, dog bites and animal attacks amount to an extremely high percentage for all Michigan personal injury cases. Fortunately, the expert Michigan dog bite attorneys of Goldman & Associates are here to help. For more than 25 years, our law firm has been assisting those in need with their every Michigan personal injury law need. At our law firm, our attorneys aim to respect our every clients need by providing them with the highest quality legal services at all times. To better understand what a Michigan dog bite attorney can do for you and your loved ones, it’s important to schedule your free legal consultation with us today.


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Steps To Follow After Your Dog Bite Attack

Being attacked by a dog or animal can be a very stressful and even traumatic event. This is especially true for children, as they often present the greatest threat for an animal attack. It is important to remain calm and write down as much detail as you can remember. This information will be especially helpfully to your attorney. If you or someone you know is the victim of a dog bite attack, you should follow the steps below.

Step 1: Seek Medical Treatment:

You should seek medical treatment as soon as possible after receiving a dog bite injury. Dog bites pose a serious risk for infection. As a result, a physician should be contacted immediately for treatment. If the bite from a dog attack is serious and you or your loved one is in immediate medical distress, you should call 911 for medical assistance. An ambulance will take you to the emergency room or urgent care facility as quickly as possible to treat your injuries.

Step 2: Identify the Dog That Bit You:

After receiving medical treatment, you or someone helping you should try to identify the dog that attacked you. You should also determine who is the dog’s owner and how the dog owner can be located. In order to recover, the identity of the dog owner is necessary. The owner is the responsible party in dog bite cases. This is important because the dog owner’s home insurance company is usually the entity that pays for the dog bite injuries.

Step 3: Report the Dog Bite Attack:

After a dog bite attack, it is important to report the attack. You can report the dog bite attack to your local county animal control agency or the sheriff’s department. You will need to have information available when you call. You will need to provide information about the dog, including the owner’s name and address. If the dog was a stray, you need to be able to describe the appearance of the dog and the location of the incident.

Step 4: Have Photographs Taken of the Dog Bite Injuries.

After seeking medical treatment (if necessary), you should document the event. This means that you should take photographs of all visible injuries you sustained. The pictures should show any wounds or lacerations. It is also important to take pictures of any torn or bloody clothing that may have resulted from the injury. In addition to the injuries you sustained, you should take a picture of the dog itself and of the site of the attack. This will help document your injury and show possible liability of the dog owner.

Step 5: Contact a Reputable and Experienced Personal Injury Attorney.

After a dog bite attack, you may be facing significant pain, treatments, medical bills, and perhaps pressure from an insurance company to give statements or settle for less than you deserve. It is important to act quickly after a dog bite attack. Your chances of success increase dramatically through effective investigation and representation by a skilled personal injury attorney. Attorneys can preserve evidence, locate witnesses, and identify defendants. Hiring effective legal representation should therefore not be delayed. The attorneys at Goldman & Associates are very knowledgeable in the area of dog bite cases and provide high quality legal services to clients in the most effective manner.

Step 6: Always Consult your Personal Injury Attorney First:

Do not give an insurance company any information about your dog bite injuries or sign any documents without discussing it with your attorney. The insurance companies’ first interest is protecting themselves from claims. The information you give them can and will be used against you to defeat or minimize your claim. Do not attempt to settle the case yourself. You may have a right to certain types of compensation for damages you may not know exist. Therefore, it is important to contact an experienced Michigan dog bite attorney as soon as possible after the dog attack. Effective dog bite lawyers can seek full compensation for all of the damages you are entitled to receive.

Owner Liability

When dog bites or animal attacks occur, the negative effects and outcomes can be devastating for everyone involved. In most every dog bite or animal attack case, the owner is held legally liable and responsible for all injuries incurred by their animal. Generally, if a dog or animal causes you physical harm, the owner is at fault even if the following is true:

To better understand owner liability in a dog bite or animal attack case in Michigan, our personal injury lawyers encourage you to contact our law firm as soon as possible to begin working toward a solution for your legal matter. The sooner you’re able to file your claim with a Michigan dog bite attorney, the better chance you have of protecting your rights and receiving the financial compensation that you deserve.


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